It can be used to help diagnose a variety of gastrointestinal disorders such as, fructose intolerance, lactose intolerance, SIBO, IBS, etc. The test works by hydrogen (H2) is produced when bacteria in the intestine acting on undigested carbohydrates such as lactose and fructose in the small or large intestine. The hydrogen diffuses into the blood and transports to the alveoli in the lungs. With a breath test with Gastro+ the amount of hydrogen can then be detected in the breath.


  • Brand new easy to use interface
  • Maintenance reminders
  • 3 months’ calibration interval
  • Create and store patient details
  • Multiple patient testing
  • Built in testing protocols with built in countdown timer
  • Large touch screen
  • O2 correction for accurate results.
  • Comes with Gastro chart software


Included Gastrolyzer+, 12 D-Pieces, 250 Steribreath Mouthpieces, GastroChart Software, Bärväska, Manual, 3 x facemasks, facemask sampling kit
Concentration Range (H2) 0-500 ppm
Accuracy 1 ppm
Display Full colour touchscreen
Repeatability <1% CO
Sensor Electrochemical sensor
Size 34 x 75 x 140 mm
Weight 200 gram
Alarm Indication 10 ppm
Batteries 3 x AA (LR6 or Equivalent) 1 x CR2032 Lithium coin cell
Mouthpieces SteriBreath and D-Pieces
Calibration Every third month with 100ppm H2
Warranty 2 years for the instrument and 1 year for the sensor
Datasheet Gastrolyzer Gastro+