PD-12 is an ATEX certified gas detector with a built-in pump which makes it an excellent choice in areas such as depots, tunnels and industrial facilities. With a PD-12 it is possible to detect many different gases – flammable gases, toxic gases, hydrogen and helium through the various sensor options hot-wire, catalytic combustion and thermal conductivity. The instrument can be used as it is in its simplicity since there is a display on the device that indicates both the gas concentration and alarm. It is also possible to connect a flash or sound alarm directly

It is also possible to connect a flash or sound alarm directly via the 4-20mA output. Even for large systems with over 100 sensors with advanced control of ventilation, shutdowns of equipment and gases PD-12 is a safe and cost effective alternative.



  • ATEX certified
  • Built-in pump for confined spaces
  • Large and clear LED display with an alarm indicator that also shows the gas concertation level
  • Eco-friendly design


Sensor type Hot-wire, katalytisk förbränning och termisk konduktivitet
Concentration Range (H2) As per specifications
Degree of protection ExdⅡB + H2T4X, ATEX standard, IP 65, CE
Sugflöde Över 0,5L/min
Display LED-display
Power input 24V DC (18 till 30V DC)
Operating temperature -10 till 50°C
Alarm Indication Gas alarm: Red LED lamp flashes
Trouble alarm: Yellow lamp flashes
Weight Ca 5,2kg
Size 133(W) x 260(H) x 132(D) mm
Datasheet Gas Detector